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Below is the suggested progression through classes.

In parenthesis is the suggested number of years that the student should have at that level.

Beginning at Jr. Level 1-1A, students should have their teacher's recommendation to enroll. If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss with Miss Michele. 

* Lyrical classes can only be taken if you are registered in a ballet class


Creative Movement  1 (1-2 years)

Creative Movement 2 (1-2 years)

Combo Classes (1-2 years)​
Mini Ballet & Tap, Mini Jazz & Hip Hop, Mini Ballet & Jazz, Mini Ballet, Tap, & Tumbling​

Jr Level 1-1A (2-3 years & teacher recommendation)

Jr Level 1-2 (2-3 years & teacher recommendation)

Jr Level 3-4 (2-3 years & teacher recommendation)

Intermediate Level A/B (3-4 years & teacher recommendation)

Senior/Advanced Level (4-6 years & teacher approval)


Intro to Tumbling (For ages 4 & up)

Tumbling 1 (Beginner - Must have a cartwheel)

Tumbling 2 (Beginner/Intermediate - Must have cartwheel & back bend)

Tumbling 3 (Intermediate/Advance - Must have walkover)

Advanced Tumbling (Advanced - Must have an aerial & teacher approval)

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